Introducing a creative online branding agency for upcoming brands.

Surviving 2020 took guts and learning about us, says a lot about you! Whether your goal is to sell your products, build an audience for your music or showcase your brilliant art, a COBA Works Brand Agent can design a blueprint, create a campaign or build a website that illustrates your potential clients the value your brand has to offer.

Business is about two important things,

  • Your brand
  • Your Strategy

Best equipped to help you create both is our Brand Architect. The Brand Architect is responsible for developing the blueprints for your social media marketing, the wireframe for your website and the outline for your brand strategy.

Brand Architects are also our builders. The construct first class responsive websites that turn customers into returning clients. First, our Brand Agent provides a consultation call to you, the client, to start Phase 1, Discovery. We ask a series if specific questions to find out where you’ve been, where you are and where your brand is going.

Next, Brand agents communicate your ideas to our Brand Architect to start Phase 2, Blueprint and Strategy design then, Phase 3, construction.

Our Brand Agent facilitates Phase 4, Draft & Draft review, where he or she communicates the work done by the Brand Architect to you, the Brand Owner. This phase consists of 2 draft reviews where our Brand Agents take detailed notes on your feed back of what’s been constructed so far and what you’d like to see done.

Phase 5 consists of the final review, transfer of all intellectual property including account details, passwords, etc., as well as an additional 30 days of Brand Support, to make sure that you’re equipped with the answers you need to maintain the Digital Real Estate we build for you.

If you feel that you need further assistance, we offer great deals to existing clients for monthly consultation, quarterly or yearly consultation.

But wait… there’s more!

For a limited time, that initial consultation you set up, is absolutely free! Whether or not you choose to do business with us, we believe that offering 1 hour of free consultation will give us all we need to know if your brand is the right fit for us… and most importantly, all you’ll need to know if we are the right fit for your brand.

If you’ve read this far, you already qualify for the call. It shows that you have focus, you do your research, and most of all you’re looking to bring your idea to life and thats exactly what we do here.

Getting Started!

  • Need Web Design & social media management?
    Digital Real Estate.
  • Need help growing your brand but don’t know where to start? Brand Strategy.

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